Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ghana: Day 8 -- Rooster Boy

Even though our time on the islands of Lake Volta were difficult, God provided us with bits of humor to bring smiles to our faces.

As we were making our way through the island, Tia walked past a young boy carrying a rooster.  The boy, surprised to see an "obruni", kept looking back at Tia as she walked away, not realizing that Joshua and I were about to cross paths with him as well.

As he turned and began to walk toward us again, he was chuckling and holding his rooster closely, still unaware that we were close by, watching.

Imagine this young boy's shock as he looked up and saw a nearly 6' tall 13 year old "obruni" standing there, towering over him.  I have little doubt that had we videotaped his full response, the video would have gone completely viral on YouTube.  This photo is a fraction of what we saw as he froze in suspended shock and nearly dropped his prized rooster.

Joshua and I were doubled over in boisterous laughter, barely able to catch our breath.  It didn't take long for this boy to feel at ease and begin to laugh with us.

As he approached me and saw the camera, he turned into a total ham, holding up his rooster so that I could take this photograph.  

There is an unanswered question, though, one that Debra brought up.  

What in the world is he carrying in his underwear??  We may never know.


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